How To Know When To Let Go- Sorting Through & Organizing Your Children's Toys

Do you feel that you need to get your children's toys more organized? Periodically in preparation for a holiday or birthday, there is a need to sort through your children's toys and decide what stays and what goes. Many parents struggle with getting rid of their children's toys. To us, the toys are a reminder of a certain time in our children's lives that is recalled fondly. It can be difficult to let go of the physical memorabilia. It can also represent the hard work we put into purchasing these toys for our children. It might have been a gift from a cherished friend or family member. It's okay to move on from these toys when they are no longer beneficial or enjoyable to your child. Donating these un-needed toys allows you to create space for more age appropriate toys and will put the toys into the hands of a child that will enjoy them. 

Get yourself set up with keep, donate and sell boxes or bins. Also have a trash bag and recycling bin on hand for the broken toys or any trash that is found while sorting. Have some cube organizers or other storage solutions set up that will help with getting the toys sorted and categorized. Adding labels can be helpful to allow everyone to know where each toy belongs and also helps the children with learning the names of their favorite toys. As you begin to sort through your child or children's toys, ask yourself these questions:

1. Does my child play with this toy? It's a very basic question, but really ask yourself how much your child cares about this toy and how often they use it.

2. Does this toy bring joy to my child and our home or does it just take up space that could be better utilized?

3. Is this toy age appropriate for my child? Will this toy help them develop new skills and is it something they enjoy engaging actively with? 

4. Is this toy broken? Does this toy have all of it's pieces so it's able to work correctly and so my child is able to fully enjoy it?

If you have answered No to any of the first 3 questions or yes to number 4, it is likely time to let go. It can be fun to get your child(ren) involved too and parents are often surprised at how easily their child lets go of once cherished items that are no longer ideal for them. If you are still finding some of these toys difficult to let go of, try to take a picture of them or put them in storage bin. Set a two week to one month deadline of donating them if you haven't looked at or used them during your establish time period. 

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